We offer practical help to make this part of your business thrive

Youngstock Health Services

We offer a full range of services to manage your Youngstock health

We offer practical help with youngstock to make this part of your business thrive. It is important that you monitor calf and performance focussing on growth and health, for the whole time spent on the calf rearing unit.With the information gained from monitoring we can then assess how well your calves are performing which impacts on costs of production.

  • Blood sampling for total proteins
  • Lung Scanning and blood sampling to identify sub clinical signs of pneumonia and other pathogens
  • Achieving optimum growth rates by thorough analysis of calf colostrum and milk replacer
  • Colostrum testing for quality
  • Assessment of calf housing to identify potential issues with ventilation, temperature, humidity and air speed
  • In-house scour testing for immediate diagnosis and treatment

Youngstock Health Monitoring

We can advise on vaccination and worming policies tailored to your farm. This would consider location, history or any new disease challenges that you may face.

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