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  • Dairy Fertility
  • Mastitis & Milk Quality
  • Lameness
  • Infectious Disease Management
  • Herd Health Planning
  • TB Testing

Dairy Fertility

We offer weekly, fortnightly or monthly routine visits to suit your herd

Cows & Heifers

Our vets can provide regular routine visits to clients in order to monitor the fertility of the herd.These sessions can be booked with a designated vet on a weekly, fortnightly or monthly basis to ensure that clients experience a relationship with the vet to provide support and input into any fertility issues that may arise out of the visit.Our vets carry portable ultrasound scanning devices to perform pregnancy diagnoses on farm.

The routine visit is also an opportunity for discussions with the vet about any other issues such as calf health, nutrition and dry cow issues.

Our vets have access to Vet Impress and Total Vet for herd analysis and data capture.


We can provide support for on-farm AI staff in the form of training courses for beginners and refreshers for trained staff.


We offer advice and testing into the viability of bulls if clients are using natural service or AI.We have the equipment and expertise to perform Bull Fertility Testing on farm where bulls can be electro-ejaculated (EEJ).The semen sample is tested and a clinical examination carried out to produce a full report on the bull’s suitability and soundness for breeding.

We can also offer BBSE (Bull Breeding Soundness Exams) for bulls’ pre-sale, or post sale for bulls' without a pre-sale BBSE.

Mastitis & Milk Quality

We have the expertise and experience to help you address mastitis

Mastitis treatment and control is one of the largest costs to the GB dairy industry and is a significant factor in dairy cow welfare. It can be very costly affecting cow health, profitability and yield. Our vets are experienced in investigating and diagnosing mastitis causes and problems.

  • AHDB Mastitis trained providers
  • Samples can be sent for analysis
  • Investigations into high cell count and cell count reports
  • Treatment protocols tailored to individual farms
  • Medicine training
  • Teat scoring


Lameness is one of the most prevalent conditions affecting the UK herd

The AHDB report that around one quarter of all dairy cows may be experiencing some degree of lameness at any one time. The average cost of an incidence of lameness, in terms of treatment costs, loss of yield and potential for shortened productive life of the cow may be in the region of £180, which at current levels equates to nearly £15,000 for an average-sized herd1. We offer lameness advice so that it can be improved and prevented.

Mobility Scoring

Mobility Scoring can be carried out by Register of Mobility trained scorers.We have multiple mentors within the farm vet team. Mobility scoring can be done on farm and a lameness risk assessment can be reported.

Treating lame cows and maintaining healthy feet

Lameness does not resolve itself and the faster the intervention, the sooner the animal recovers. We can provide quick treatment which can also prevent damage occurring deep within the foot, which protects against lameness in the future.We can help to diagnose the problems, devise an action plan and advise on the skills needed for long-term lameness control.

Foot Trimming

We recommend that clients follow a routine foot trimming programme using a fully licenced foot trimmer. For a list of fully licensed trimmers, see the NACFT (National Association of Cattle Foot Trimmers) website.

"Reference:AHDB 2024"

Infectious Disease Management

We offer routine monitoring on farm for infectious diseases

Regular and routine monitoring for infectious diseases should be carried out by investigation, sampling and testing to ensure that the number of diseases affecting herds can be reduced and eventually eradicated. The main diseases to affect herds are Bovine Viral Diarrhoea (BVD), Infectious Bovine Rhinotracheitis (IBR), Johne’s Disease, Leptospirosis and Liver Fluke.

  • Our vets are trained BCVA accredited BVD and Johne’s advisors, and can advise on the best monitoring programmes at competitive rates
  • We have access to the software programme, My Healthy Herd to monitor disease control plans
  • We have access to the testing schemes via National Milk Laboratories for Leptospirosis, BVD and IBR
  • Our vets are also TBAS accredited advisors and are available to offer free of charge advice on all aspects of TB.

Herd Health Planning

We can offer our routine clients management reports using the most up to date

We offer bespoke herd health planning to individual clients annually as a monitoring tool for performance, productivity and setting realistic targets for the long-term future of the herd.

We use an online tool called Vet Impress to help with our herd health planning. Using Vet Impress, we can offer an annual antibiotic review which is now a Red Tractor standard.  This details total antibiotic use for a farm in mg/PCU (the international standard) and also splits it down into the different classes of antibiotics including CIAs (Critically Important Antibiotics). Follow the link to the Milksure website - https://www.bcva.org.uk/content/milksure

These plans can be contract specific to milk contracts.

TB Testing

 A full TB testing service is available

TB is considered to be the largest threat to animal health in the UK. We understand the stress that TB testing causes and the impacts it can cause to the business. 

  • We provide the full TB testing service carried out by experienced approved TB testers and registered APHA official vets
  • We provide pre-and post-movement TB tests at competitive rates to reduce the financial burden on these tests
  • We can also offer TBAS advice by trained vets specially trained to advise on preventative measures
  • We have wildlife cameras available for loan at no cost, so that you can monitor any willdlife activity on your farm
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