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We offer routine visits to suit your herd

  • Our vets can provide regular routine visits to clients in order to monitor the fertility of the herd. These sessions can be booked with a designated vet on a weekly, fortnightly or monthly basis, to ensure that clients experience a relationship with the vet to provide support and input into any fertility issues that may arise out of the visit. Our vets carry portable ultrasound scanning devices to perform pregnancy diagnoses on farm
  • We offer advice and testing into the viability of bulls if clients are using natural service or artificial insemination. We have the equipment and expertise to perform Bull Fertility Testing on farm where bulls can be electro-ejaculated (EEJ). The semen sample is tested and a clinical examination carried out to produce a full report on the bull's suitability and soundness for breeding. We can also offer Bull Breeding Soundness Exams for bulls pre-sale or post-sale for bulls without a pre-sale BBSE
  • We offer bull fertility testing so that the signs are not missed and cows are seen repeating or found empty on PD
  • We have the equipment to on-farm test without the need for a bulling cow
  • We also offer advice on how to maximise conception rates via nutrition planning and body condition scoring
  • We can advise on a synchronisation programme to organise the calving pattern to suit

Calf Health

We have the expertise to help with calf rearing and calf health 

  • The average cost of pneumonia in the UK is £60 million per year. In any given year the UK rears around 2 million calves. This suggests that a pneumonia case would cost you around £30 per calf1
  • We offer an affordable package with a core covering a 60-minute visit, a housing assessment, nutritional advice, lung scanning of calves and post mortems of any recently deceased calves. Prices are available on request

1 "Reference:AHDB"

Herd Health

We offer herd health planning to suit your herd 

  • We offer bespoke herd health planning to individual clients annually as a monitoring tool for performance, productivity and setting realistic targets for the long-term future of the herd
  • Blood testing for small groups of youngstock to check for infectious diseases
  • We arrange regular Farmers’ meetings on current topics delivered by visiting vets and health providers
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